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The shadow agency hire beans to kill people and eventually betray them as Vegan once let down

"We're both dead beans" ~ Vegan
"I Get irritable" ~ Killer Bean

"I wanna fuck ur mom so hard"-Karl Bennett

"I will suck your dick for $20" ~ Detective Cromwell

I love foerteeeeeeyehddhdhdhhydhdu - killer bean

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yobama beign a retard

Known members of the agency:

Leader of the Shadow Agency

Dark Bean

Shadow Bean 1

Shadow Bean 2

Shadow Bean 3

Thomas Baker

Thomas Belsey

Ethan Marais


Viran Yodlepork


Matt Dickson

Mr Serfontein

Jet Bean


Mobey Dick

ricky gervais

carlton banks

larry the cable guy

larry the cable girl

larry the cable neither

larry the cable both

adam sandler

adam sandlers wife

adam sandlers child

adam sandlers mom

adam sandlets dad

adam sandlers vajina



sherlock gnomes

Big nigga chungus

yo wassup baby wanna get wet?


Edward good


jeb bush

Big Nigga Chungus

Big Dick

Small Dick


Mo Bamba

La Bamba

Shecker Weser

Jesus Christ

Travis The Table

Zac Parkinson

Jasmine Woodberry


Tom Hanks

Isaac Butterfield

Durian Rider with them abs

Free lee the banana girl

Free lee the banana boy

Free lee the banana non gender specific

Commodore Oswald

darrien bedwater

Jewish Rapist

British Mother

British Father

British Son

British Daughter

British Penis

Jewish Goose

Chad Wolf

Boob Wolf

Karen Wolf

Emo Turtle Furry Wolf

Oppressed Wolf

Bouncy Auschwitz Train

20180712 042636

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Hi storyjhhghghgghEdit

Now the Agency is running under its own rules and, like Vagan put it, is just a guns for hire.

Under Government Rule Edit

While the Agency was under the governments rule they followed me on instagram and you should to to apprehend and/or kill them. The Shadow Beans (agents) would be sent out to observe people the government thought where no good. Vegan is known to have chased after one of those organisations for years.

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