Eddie was one of cappacinos men but later decided to help Killer bean on his missions they first encounter each other in a wharehouse where a major shootout happens he decided to join killer bean because if he didnt he wouldve died when they where taken to jail jet bean broke in and killed the cops he goes to their cell with killer beans guns he throws the guns to him jet bean and killer bean fight eddie grabs one of his guns he shoots and kills jet bean they get outta jail and take a big police truck that is full of guns they are planning to kill his boss who is in chicago his first apearance takes place after the shootout at the warehouse he works for cappacino at the time he is playing a psp cappucino was planning to kill him but vagen stopped him. later after killing killer beans boss eddie got shot in the chest and eyes by the henchmen the blinded eddie shot the men dead. after this killer bean found eddie and saw him without eyes eddie dies from the wound in his chest. one year later killer bean was killed his grave was beside eddies.